Escape Room Rankings

Ahh, you’ve found the rankings… with playing over 100 games, a detailed and finite list was becoming harder and harder to maintain, so we’re going to rank like Disneyland does (or at least, used to do!), and create “Tickets”
A little bit of History, back in the 1950s, Disneyland ran a ticketing system, with the most exciting, immersive and detailed rides ranked as an E ticket, they then worked backwards through the alphabet, to the A ticket rides which were the (still functional but not popular rides of the time). Even now, over 60 years later, if someone classes a ride as an E ticket, you know it’s a MUST DO. So with that in mind….

E Ticket – A near perfect game, Exciting puzzles, theme, story, decoration & immersion in equal measures. Outstanding in every way. A headliner!
D Ticket – An excellent game. Great puzzles, theme, story, decoration & immersion.
C Ticket – A good game. A good standard in puzzles, theme story and play. Immersion may be lacking, although Some elements may stand out.
B Ticket – A below average game. Puzzles story and play are adequate. Some elements may be lacking. Little to no immersion.
A Ticket – A game lacking in puzzles, story or theme.

I am ordering the tiers and processing the “Tickets”  in Alphabetical Order, with the exception of my top 10, which will remain.
I will still be taking into consideration theme, game play, excitement and enjoyability. Success/Failure does not factor into game rankings.

These are my favourite games I’ve played, this list may change in the future!x

1.Escape Quest – 13th Element
2.Escapologic – 13utcher
3.Escapologic – Curio & Make Your Escape – Spellbound
4.Escape Quest – Curious Encounters (2017)
5. The Panic Room – The Gilman Hotel
6. Time Run – The Lance of Longinus
7. Unescapable – Edith
8. Escapologic – Howitz
9. Tulleys Escape – The Outfitters
10. The Escapement – Egyptian Exodus

ExtremEscape – The Tomb
Extreme Escape – Pirate Ship
Escapologic – Contraption
Escapologic – Cryptic
Escapologic – Heiststakes

Escapologic – Epicentre
Escapologic – Robin of Lockskey
Escapologic – Howitz
Escape Quest – Mr Chuckles Funhouse
Escape Quest – Bad Clown
Escape Quest – Curious Encounters
Hand Made Mysteries – Lady Chastity’s Reserve
Lucardo – Contamination
The Escapement – Pirates of Polaris
The Escapement – Egyptian Exodus
The Panic Room – Gilman Hotel
The Panic Room – The Dollhouse
The Panic Room – Defective Detective
The Panic Room – Old Father Time
The Panic Room – The Panic Room
Time Run – Lance of Loginus
Time Run – Celestial Chain
Tulleys Escape – Mutiny
Tulleys Escape – The Oufitters
Unescapable – Edith

11th Hour Escape Room – The Exit Visa Crisis
Cryptology – Cypherdyne

Cryptology – The Crypt

Cryptology Barnsley – SS Cypher
Clue HQ – Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune
ClueQuest – Operation Blacksheep
Escape Artists – Cat Burgler

Escape Artists – Rest Easy Motel
Escape Kent – Pirates of the Stormy Seas
Escape Room Centre – Grimoire in the Attic
Escape Quest – Amazon Escape
Lucardo – Espionage
Lucardo – Gem Runner
Lucardo – The Dream
Lucardo – Virginia House
Lockedinedinburgh – Animal Hospital
Lockedinedinburgh – Gin Distillery
Make Your Escape – The Signal
Moviescape – Haunted House
Moviescape – Haunted House: Exorcist
Moviescape – Escape the Cantina
The Escaporium – Operation Moonshine
The Panic Room – Million Dollar Date Night
The Panic Room – The Don
Unescapable – Tommy

America’s Escape Game – The Caretaker
Atherton Escape Rooms – Train Waiting Room

Breakout Liverpool – Classified
Breakout Chester – Cursed Carnival
Breakout Liverpool – Cursed Carnival
Breakout Chester – Forsaken

Breakout Chester – Identify
Breakout Liverpool – Sabotage
Breakout Liverpool – The Facility

Breakout Liverpool – The Heist
Breakout Chester – Vacancy
Breakout Manchester – Virus
Breakout Chester – Wanted
Breakout Liverpool – Wanted: Indians
Can You Escape – Operation Odyssey
ClueFinders – Remy
ClueFinders – The Tomb
Clue HQ – Bunker 38
Clue HQ– Cell Block C
Clue HQ – Cluetankhamun
ClueHQ – Detonation
Clue HQ – Dungeon of Doom
Clue HQ – Sacrifice
ClueHQ – Teleporter
Clue HQ – The Vault
Code to Exit – The Blueprint
Code – X

Enigma Rooms – Ward 13
Escape Blackpool – Contagion
Escape Blackpool – Da Vinci Room
Escape Blackpool – Taken
Escape Live Birmingham – Dr Wilson’s Office
Escape Kent – Kidnapped
Escape Reality – Down The Rabbit Hole
Escape Reality – Nosferatu
Escape Room Centre – Egyptian
Escape Room Centre – Secret of the Tomb
Escape Room Centre – The Bomb
Escape Room Centre – Secret Agent
Escape Time – The Bank Heist
Escapism Chester – Espionage
Escapism Chester – Taken
Escapism Chester – The Missing
Escapology – Arizona Shootout
Escapology – Budapest Express
Exit Plan Edinburgh – Tesla Cube
Exit Plan Edinburgh – Svengali’s Lair
Exit Strategy – Illuminati
Exit Strategy – Nostromo

Gamescape – Armageddon
Game Over – Forbidden Temple of Montezuma

iLocked – The Mummy
Lakes Escape – Baker Street
Lakes Escape – Quest for the Throne

Locked In Games – Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Locked In Games – Nursery Nightmares

Lockin Escape – Treasure Hunter
Logiclock – Cosa Nostra
Logiclock – Made in Stien
Logiclock – Pirates in Nottingham
Look Key Escape – Murder Motel

MindQuest – Diamond Heist
MindQuest – The Haunting
Moviescape – Sawtopsy
No Exit – The Poltergiest Room
Rooms Quest – Platform 7 3/8
Stuck In The Riddle – The Dungeon
The Escape Game Orlando – The Heist
Trapped in – Air Traffic Control
Trapped in Bury – Crazy Clown’s Carnival

Trapped in Bury – Time Machine
The Live Escape – Prison Escape
UK Escape Games – Molly O’Grady’s
UK Escape Games – Robin Hood’s Breakout

Atherton Escape Rooms – The Room Of The Missing Child
Breakout Liverpool – Shipwrecked
Breakout Manchester – Vacancy
Breakout Liverpool – Wanted: Cowboys
Code To Exit – The Dark Ages
Escapism Chester -Amphitheatre
Escapology – Shangahied
Escape Reality – Jungala
Escape Room – Jungle Safari

Escape Room – Room 13
Escape Room – Slaughter House
Escape Room Preston – Taken
Escape Room – The Mummy
Escape Room – The Vampire Chronicles
GamEscape – Golden Cage
GamEscape – Prison Cell
Lockdown Escape – Death Row
Lockdown Escape – The Lost Souls
Lockin Escape – Mission 60
RoomsQuest – Jail Break
Tick Tock Unlock – Blueprint
Tick Tock Unlock – The Hatch
Tick Tock Unlock – Project Pandora

Timed Trap – Serial Killer
Timed Trap – The Great Escape
Trapped In – Ruby Factory
Ultimate Escape – CSI

TimeTrap Preston – Treasure Theft
Mission Exit – The Killer Code